Mystery Squash

There’s a mystery squash in the garden and  can’t quite bring myself to pull it out.


I crammed four bush squash and three (originally four) gourds into one of the twelve garden beds following the early spring planting of spinach. As they were growing I noticed there was an extra cucurbit among them. Curiosity prevented me from tearing it out right away. It’s turned out to be a vining type so I’m training it up my extremely rustic trellis and steering it away from the paths and other plants. Most likely it’s from a seed that came in with the compost. Squash cross pollinate easily so this one could have an interesting combination of traits. As long as I can keep it under control we may find out what those traits are.

Waffling Leekily

I haven’t done a cooking post in I don’t know how long. Seriously, I don’t even care to look back to see when that was. If you’re up to it, knock yourself out and report back here. There are three very good reasons it’s been this long. First, I can’t take a decent food photo to save my life. Second, I was coming to hate our kitchen countertop where food tended to be viewed. Third, we have a tendency to want to eat what we’ve made fairly soon after it’s cooked so taking time to get an image is not always an option. It’s only reasonable.

Then an idea entered my foodosphere. I’ve encountered menus with waffles that aren’t your  usual syrup-soaked breakfast affair before, but they never really clicked. In a period of less than a week I encountered enough references to savory waffles that the concept finally sparked in my brain and I decided it was A Thing I wanted to try.

Leek Waffles

The opportunity came one evening when I was making a Greek beet salad that was heavy on the allspice. It needed something to go with it. A little whole wheat waffle/pancake mix, some sliced leeks, a healthy dose of grated parmesan and there we were. They were a little more flat than I’d hoped and the flavors were a bit “International”, but it’s a start.

The food was delicious, the new countertop made a decent background, and I got to take off in a new direction in the kitchen. I’ve collected a decent handful of recipes to refer to in my future waffling experiments and hope to be incorporating even more of the produce that’s coming from the garden.

Have you messed around with savory waffles? Share your experiences, ideas and suggestions in the comments!