Mystery Squash

There’s a mystery squash in the garden and  can’t quite bring myself to pull it out.


I crammed four bush squash and three (originally four) gourds into one of the twelve garden beds following the early spring planting of spinach. As they were growing I noticed there was an extra cucurbit among them. Curiosity prevented me from tearing it out right away. It’s turned out to be a vining type so I’m training it up my extremely rustic trellis and steering it away from the paths and other plants. Most likely it’s from a seed that came in with the compost. Squash cross pollinate easily so this one could have an interesting combination of traits. As long as I can keep it under control we may find out what those traits are.


8 thoughts on “Mystery Squash

  1. It will be interesting to see what it turns out to be. We get a lot of tomatoes coming up from our compost. We have planted quite a few of the “volunteers” this year and they are doing well. Amelia

    1. I don’t do hot compost at home, just pile it up and sift, turn once a year to fill my pots of annuals. The tomato seedlings are just thick in them! It always seems like such a shame to weed them out.

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