Community Garden Perk Number One: Free Seeds

One advantage of being part of a community garden is that the group can solicit donations of materials and supplies. We’re fortunate that members of our garden committee have been able to obtain seeds from various suppliers. I believe they’re seeds from previous years and so may be considered unsalable. But as I covered in a previous post, seeds of most crops remain viable beyond the year they are produced. When they were received, many of the seeds were in large, bulk packages

Bulk Seeds

So it was that I and other members of the garden committee gathered recently to portion out the seeds into envelopes to be distributed to gardeners at the upcoming Seed Fair. I managed to grab a big bag of small seeds—Danvers Carrots—and consequently ended up spending over two hours spooning them into somewhere around six hundred envelopes that another gardener was hand labeling. 

Danvers Carrots The committee is a fun group of people so the time went fast and it was a nice opportunity to talk about gardening and get to know the other members better. There was also food, of course.


By the time we were finished there was an impressive number of  filled envelopes. These will be offered along with pre-packaged seeds to the hundreds of gardeners that share the garden. Each gardener will be allowed to take a dozen packets of their choice. That’s a pretty good deal.