Rooting Out Good Carrot Varieties

At the end of last season I cleared out the carrot patches all at once. I was able to put away lots and lots of one of my favorite veggies, and it also gave me a chance to compare how different varieties performed. The one standout that I made a special note to not bother with again was ‘Scarlet Nantes.’ The soil I garden in is clayey so I’m not surprised when I get the occasional forked root, but what really caught my attention was how many of the ‘SN’ were split from end to end.

Split Scarlet Nantes Carrots

Not all of this variety were split, but they were the only one that was. Splitting is caused by uneven watering. The other varieties grown in the same bed and planted and watered at the same time were just fine. I could have cleaned them up and used them, but I had so many of the others I just discarded the worst ones. Here they are all washed and hanging out with a few of their beet friends. I ended up filling these two trays three times!

Carrot Harvest 2013

Record-keeping is an important part of gardening not only for noting which crops did particularly well, but also which ones to skip over in the future. Have you grown something that was disappointing enough you wouldn’t try it again?