Besan Ki Roti

I finally got around to making something with a portion of the chickpea flour I planted, harvested, and ground. In the past I’ve made roti, an Indian flatbread, with only whole wheat flour and water. This time I whipped up a batch that blended the whole wheat, some white flour, and the chickpea flour or besan. A little yogurt was added this time as well and I think it added some softness and flavor. I just mixed up all the ingredients, kneaded it a while, and divided the dough up into balls that were  hand-rolled to be seamless.


Then, after a rest I rolled them out to their finished size.


This type of bread is cooked on a flat griddle. I used our non-stick one cooking them one at a time and turning when they started to brown.


Then the real fun began. When the bread was cooked enough, I pulled it off with tongs and lay it directly on the gas burner. When done correctly, it puffed up like a balloon, as you can kind of see in this horribly-lighted image.


Most of them turned out nearly perfect. Perhaps even good enough to earn me a handshake from Paul Bollywood…


In any case, they went well with the curry I made using some of our winter squash.


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