Cylindra Beets

 The Cylindra beets I’m trying for the first time this year are growing really well except for one thing. Some of them are sticking up out of the soil which I hadn’t anticipated, so animals are chewing on them. I will have to remember to mound up the soil next time I grow them.


6 thoughts on “Cylindra Beets

  1. I thought beets in generally were supposed to sit proud of the soil… Just like carrots and parsnips do?

    If its critters, would it be better to surround them with a plant they don’t like, like onions or something?

    I’m considering trying beetroot next year so would appreciate your experience on this one!

    1. Yeah, I’m used to the other ones I grow sticking up a bit and also getting gnawed, but some of these were half out of the soil. I wonder if the soil texture contributes to that, too. It’s on the clay side throughout the garden. I’m going to be doing more sowings this seasons so I’ll try doing a trench and backfilling once they start to fatten up.

    1. We did have regular rainfalls in May and early June. It was nice. Now it’s slowing down a bit. That moisture is important for root crops. I’ve had trouble with carrots in the past cracking when rain and my watering were uneven.

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