Wordless Wednesday

Apple Blossom


Birkin Black












5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. That’s Pachysandra allegheniensis. Not very common and I noticed it was blooming when I was out “shooting the garden” so I included it.

  1. growntocook

    Lovely photos! It’s so nice when something is flowering in the garden again 🙂 I am jealous of your hellebores – I only have 1 plant in my garden but would love to add more. I want to plant some under my fruit trees in the new garden, but it will be a slow process since the plants are too expensive to buy many. I will probably buy a few plants, let them establish and divide the plants later ( in a couple of year). Have you tried growing helleborus from seed?

    1. When I’ve tried to grow Helleborus from seed I’ve always failed. However, there are always some seedlings that have sown themselves around the mature plants so I occasionally will transplant some out and grow them somewhere to see what they look like. This time of year I wish I had at least one bed that was mostly Helleborus!

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