First Digging

I did my first real digging in the garden for the season. I’d like to say it was a big session of planting or even working in compost, but it was some less glamorous maintenance. The garden committee, during the annual checking of the corner posts decided to also start policing path encroachments again (there had been some hub-bub last season around that topic.) So it was that my pathside edge where I had sunk boards to slow weed encroachment was torn out and tossed into the plot. The previous gardeners had apparently expanded the garden a bit and I just continued on the tradition.

Garden Edge 2016

It only took about an hour of digging and fiddling around to get the boards reinstalled in compliance with the rules—or so I hope. The bare soil along the path now will be seeded with Dutch white clover for the pollinators. I even found some concrete pavers I used to make a welcoming entrance to the plot. Of course, I also restrung that green rope to make it clear that the welcoming entrance is purely visual. It was nice to get into the soil. It’s perfectly moist and friable right now. The veggies are going to love it. I would rather have been working with them, but this was a good warm-up to the season, which has been slow this year. I was reminded once again that the muscles I use to dig are different from the ones I use to lay around and read all winter.


8 thoughts on “First Digging

  1. TheDigger

    I live in fear of the allotment rules…. so many to follow. I thought I’d be planting onions in relative peace but it’s a political minefield up there!

      1. TheDigger

        You should see our village show, it’s like Midsomer Murders. I would not be surprised if there is a body count this year.

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  3. growntocook

    There was a lot of commotion about paths getting narrower on our allotment this spring too 🙂
    I wonder though – have you maybe thought of trying the no-dig method? We’ve been gardening without digging for 12 years now and it seems really benefitial for the soil and certainly much better for our backs 😉

    1. I’ve been moving toward no-dig. Right now in the beds that are in good shape I just scratch a row or a hole and plant. Everything gets mulched once it’s large enough. The only time I actually get out a shovel or rake is to reshape slumping beds or to dig in organic matter. A few beds are so clayey they need a lot of amendment and letting nature do it is slow going.

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