When You’re Making Other Plans

Long time, no blog posts! Way back a million years ago in August I had plans for the things I wanted to accomplish this fall and winter, blogging among them. I’ve been mulling around renaming/rebranding my blog and other social media so they at least match a little; the Shady Character thing hasn’t made sense since I shut down the website over a decade ago. I also was looking for opportunities to get involved with some interest groups, get out a little more, fight my hermitty tendencies and be a little more social. There was also a goal to get the novel I’ve been noodling away at to the point where I could hand it off to a few beta readers before the end of the year to see if it’s worth really finishing. And, of course, there were the seasonal necessities that come with gardening and keeping bees. But, then things changed pretty quickly.

In December of ‘14 my dad had surgery for cancer. Things looked good at first but then he started having problems and was hospitalized several times again. By the end of August he was pretty bad off. A week or so later, on my mom’s birthday, her sister died. Another week after that my best friend’s husband died. A few days later Dad went, too. Then, of course, my brother-in-law’s sister died. Needless to say, my perspective on what constitutes a priority changed and my ability to write light, sparkling prose wasn’t at its strongest.

Tomorrow’s the Winter Solstice for us here in the northern hemisphere. There are several holidays around this time that mark the change from growing darkness to growing light so I’m going to latch onto that and work on turning things around a little and getting back to the things I’d planned. I’ve got some blog posts in the works that are going to seem a little out-of-date but maybe I’ll go ahead with them anyway. In any case, have a Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Good Yule and a Happy New Year. Love your families, be good to each other, and go ahead and make plans.


2 thoughts on “When You’re Making Other Plans

  1. Sorry to hear about your family. Getting old sucks. B-(

    Sometimes doing things will take your mind off negative things, and that can help.
    Also… Writing is a form of therapy.

    Good luck.

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