I Pulled the Plug

Remember the mystery squash? Or gourd? Or whatever it was? I got thinking it was a little too healthy and was competing with my known squash and gourds so I pulled the plug.

Pulled the Plug

Just uprooted it at the source and let it wither. It was growing so vigorously I was concerned about the water  and nutrients it was taking away from the plants I intended to grow, not to mention the fact its rampant leaves were casting some shade on the bush squash below. The fruits weren’t getting any bigger and now I’ve noted that’s the case with the bush squash, some of which look like they’re getting ripe. Right or wrong, I did the deed and am willing to live with my choice.

In the meantime, now that I’ve had the chance to observe how the three kinds of bush squash and the one gourd I grew this year behaved I have a plan to give them all the room they need next year. I just have to remember to write it down!


13 thoughts on “I Pulled the Plug

    1. So far I’m writing down what I plan to plant, what I do plant, what I replace the finished/dead/unsuccessful crops. It’s great to have to refer to later, but I still sometimes forget to make a note.

      1. A Really Small Farm

        I was worried a lot about cucurbitacin with those gourds. I tasted each one fresh and cooked and there was no bitter flavor. Just out of curiosity I tasted some winter squash that had grown under poor conditions (drought). They were fine but bland.

      2. A Really Small Farm

        I was looking at the photo again. Are those squash on the vine full grown? They look like some kind of ornamental gourd that might be in an autumn display.

      3. Yeah, one factor that played into my decision was that they had stopped getting larger and just looked all ornamental gourdy. I cut one open this morning and it was mostly just seeds and pith, all white, and very bland smelling. The flowers were yellow, not white so I was hoping they might be more like a squash than a gourd.

  1. It is difficult to do but you have to remember why the veg is there. We just lifted one of our courgettes because we were getting too many. It was starting to get on top of us what to do with them – then I had the brilliant idea of pulling one of them out! Amelia

  2. growntocook

    Sometimes a gardener has to be ruthless 🙂 I let lots of plants self-seed (like pot marigold and land cress) but even though they are definitely useful I often have to pull some out when they start to compete with the veg I sowed intentionally.
    Also: probably not a news that spread to America, but it was all over the media here two weeks ago: a German gardener died after eating a homegrown squash – they speculate it was because he saved his seed and the squash was cross-pollinated by some ornamental squash which apparently can contain poisonous substance called cucurbitacine. Quite shocking!

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