Taste Testing Times Two

It seems like ages ago that the first of my Indigo Rose tomatoes started showing some color. In time they all grew larger and developed the dark purple color on their stem ends. And then they just sat there for weeks being otherwise green and hard. Finally, a few of them started to redden and today I decided it was time to taste.

Ripe Indigo Rose Tomato

The purple pretty much stayed the same on the ripe tomato. It ripened to a typical red tomato color.

Sliced Indigo Rose Tomato

Inside it was red throughout. I’ve gotten used to the “black” tomatoes I grow having at least some darker flesh mixed in but there seems to be only a little bit just inside the dark areas of skin on this one. The taste was OK. Nothing spectacular. It as a fun novelty to grow but I don’t see it being a major source of of anthocyanins in my diet, but at least a little more color in salads.

Habanada Pepper

The second subject of today’s taste testing was the Habanada pepper. This variety of what would normally be a rather hot pepper, the Habanero, has been bred to have no heat and given a clever name. I don’t mind hot peppers, but I was intrigued so I ordered a couple of plants.

Sliced Habanada Pepper

Inside it didn’t have many seeds. As I brought it up to take a bite I could detect that distinctive tropical hot pepper fragrance. Biting down and chewing I waited but the burn never came. It was strange. I liked it, sweet but not like a bell pepper. It’s going to take a few of them to add much flavor to whatever I may put them in, but fortunately it looks like the plants are going to be heavy bearers despite their diminutive size.

Have you tasted any new-to-you produce this year?


4 thoughts on “Taste Testing Times Two

  1. A Really Small Farm

    Two old varieties, one called Cherokee the other Russian Black, have red, green and purple colors running through the interior. Reminds me of an agate. The different color zones have different flavors. But these are difficult tomatoes to grow.

    A hot pepper that isn’t hot?

  2. growntocook

    Well, you would indeed expect such an interesting looking tomato to have a better taste! My favorite tomato tastewise is Black Cherry – but I stopped growing itbecause it yields too little here since our summers are not very reliable. These days I only grow tomatoes which are either very early (‘Ida Gold’) or at least partially resistant to blight. Unfortunatelly, they aren’t the best tasting varieties. Maybe if I get a greenhouse one day, I’ll have more options…

    1. I think I’ve grown Black Cherry, or maybe it was Chocolate Cherry. The colorful cherry tomatoes are great to visually liven up a salad. I’ve got seeds for what I think is Purple Bumblebee to grow next year. This year’s weather and crop progress makes me think I should be selecting better for early production and blight resistance, too.

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