A Clue in the Mystery

Mystery Squash

The volunteer squash I discovered is starting to show some evidence of its parentage. There are a few little fruits forming along the vine and I’ve been browsing images of striped squash to see if I can get a clue as to who its parents may have been. So far I’m finding plenty of varieties with wide light stripes alternated with narrow green stripes but none with the reverse like this except zucchini, which might not be a good thing. I’ve just started my investigation. Perhaps when it’s fully-grown and ripened and tasted I’ll have more hints as to where it came from. In the meantime I’m coming across all sorts of squashes I want to try!


5 thoughts on “A Clue in the Mystery

  1. A Really Small Farm

    Magical mystery squash! My Hubbard squash mix has some like this and the stripes are not from zucchini so fear not (at least not yet).

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