It Kind of Worked!

Last October I re-cut the edge of the circular lawn and planted a ring of daffodils around it. All winter I waited with bated breath (that you could actually see on days where it was forty degrees or less) to see if my efforts payed off.

It payed off! Sort of.

2015-05-08 13.27.37

At first the ones on the left half came up and although they were a mixed bag, they were primarily the solid yellow ones. Eventually a few other varieties opened and some the rest of the way around the circle bloomed. It looks a little rough while I wait for the squill in the lawn to die back so I can mow. Also, the birdfeeders are much less obtrusive when viewed from ground level but I still think I should pare them back to just a couple.

All-in-all I’m happy with the results and crossing my fingers that next year the blooms will be a bit more synchronized.


7 thoughts on “It Kind of Worked!

  1. If I were to do it over again, I’d make sure I had enough bulbs from one vendor, maybe make the blend myself from named cultivars, and be absolutely certain I was planting at a consistent depth.

  2. Lovely! In the past my daffodils often did not appear again the next year even though the bulbs should perennialize here. I thought the bulbs maybe got eaten by some creature or other but am not sure what the reason was. I sort of reconciled myself to the necessity of planting every year, but this year all the bulbs planted two years ago did grow again. Go figure… I hope yours are more realiable 🙂

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