In Which It Takes Me a Moment

Over at 2 Boys 1 Homestead, a blog I’ve recently started following, Ben mentioned a few days ago that he is considering growing a patch of lentils. I’ve wanted to try growing my own for a while so they have come and gone from the forefront of my attention over the years. This mention so soon after my call for nominations of fun new crops to grow in 2015 got me thinking about them again. I like lentils. There are a handful of recipes I turn to again and again when we’re having a Bollywood night that call for lentils. My main concern, apart from the question of whether they’ll even grow and mature here, is that their yield per given unit of area might be on the low side. Still, I moved them to the front of the line for trying this season. Then I thought where am I ever going to find seeds for them? Better start googling.

If you laughed at that last bit you’re faster than I am.

Sprouted Lentils

I have a bag of lentil seeds, a.k.a. lentils in the pantry! The only thing left was to test them to see if they will germinate. They did. They were also delicious. I’d forgotten how good lentil sprouts are.

It’s ironic it took me this long to think of lentils given that during my recent seed testing bout I tried everything I could think of from the spice cupboard including anise, cardamom and mustard but I never made it over to the pantry where the legumes live. Now that I know I’ve got some viable lentil seeds and that they’re a variety I like I’m closer to allocating a small area of the garden to giving them a go.


12 thoughts on “In Which It Takes Me a Moment

  1. I’ve never thought of growing lentils in the garden. It seems a no lose situation. It is a bit of fun at the worse and you could always dig them in as they are good for enriching the soil with nitrogen. Amelia

  2. growntocook

    After reading your post I looked through my gardening books, but (somewhat surprisingly) none mentions lentils. Except Rosalind Creasy who gives these instructions: “full sun, average soil, average water. Cool-season annual, many-branched, open plant to 18 inch. tall. Interesting feathery foliage, attractive but tends to sprawl”. Reading this it would seem that it can’t be very difficult to grow – so why is nobody doing it? Maybe I should try sprouting some, too. I am looking forward to your updates!

  3. Ah what a great idea. Although I am not vegetarian I eat a lot of lentils. I don’t have the space this year to grow this versatile pulse, but will look forward to your comments and photos – which type will you grow – there are so many

  4. There is a seed saver in Maine (Will Bonsall) who has even grown certain varieties of chickpeas in Maine. I heard him speak on seed saving and legumes a few years ago. Really interesting stuff.

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