Garlic Planting

Much as I like the idea of late season and even winter gardening, I don’t seem to be able to get the timing right. This year I might have, but I can’t be sure because the lettuce seed that was just fine last spring failed to germinate for my fall planting. At least there is one reliable crop I can put in in the fall and keep my planting skills sharp.


Right around Halloween is the time to plant garlic here. We’ve been getting our seed garlic from a vendor at the farmers market. They’re all hardneck types. The guys we buy from don’t have a huge selection and this year we chose only three—Leningrad, Chengdu and German Porcelain. Interestingly, the bulbs we buy for seed are much smaller than the bulbs we grow out from them. I plant them in a grid I’ve scratched out on the bed and record the varieties on a diagram in my garden notebook so I don’t bother labeling them. According to what I’ve read I’m planting them too close together but we’ve been getting great crops so I’m not going to worry about that.


Now they’ll spend their time growing roots until it’s too cold to grow. I’ve mulched them with the asparagus tops I cut down the same day to keep the soil temperature fluctuations to a minimum and catch snow for additional insulation. Next spring their green leaves will spear up through the ground and I’ll be glad I got one more planting done of something in before winter really hit.


8 thoughts on “Garlic Planting

  1. growntocook

    I am very much looking forward to your updates on garlic next year – I wonder how much difference there is between different varieties! I am growing softneck Thermidrome for the first time and am thinking about planting some shop bought garlic, too, to see how they compare.

    1. If you do buy garlic at a shop to grow, the stuff from conventional grocery stores can be iffy. It might be treated with an inhibitor to keep it from sprouting. Your best bet is to look for organic or at a farmers market.

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