I See Your Butt!

I really should be more careful when I’m out in the garden talking to some insect, rabbit, chipmunk, plant or even myself. The yards are small and the houses are close together. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought yesterday when they heard me exclaim "I see your butt!" as the camera clicked away. Cut me some slack. I was excited. Here was the first real confirmation that at least one solitary bee was interested in the nesting tubes I put out for them.

Butt Shot

On a few previous occasions I’ve seen a couple different kinds of bees, guessing from their different sizes, fly quickly into the tubes or between them and not coming out for as long as I was willing at the moment to stand there waiting for them. This time, however, I was able to watch a bee working inside the bamboo tube. And it was only after I looked at the image I captured that I noticed the material inside the adjacent tube. Pollen? Maybe.


Sealed Tube

Fast forward to this evening, and 24 hours later I see that not only is the tube that was being worked the previous day all sealed up with mud, another smaller one an inch to the left is as well. What’s just as cool is that the tiny openings of a couple of the Turtlehead stems I hung below the bamboo tubes have been sealed up, too. Getting a picture proved to be beyond my capabilities, though. Still, it was enough to make me shout, “Wow! Would you look at that!”

Houses don’t turn over too quickly here. It must be a really good school district.


7 thoughts on “I See Your Butt!

  1. It is so exciting seeing the holes fill up and watching them fly back and forth. You get a better look at them when they come to the end of filling up their tube, they will hang on and it is the best time to take a picture of them in their entirety. I am just watching what is coming out of one of my holes from last year. A couple must have come out already and I can see another one curled up at the back. Amelia

    1. I purposely placed the house where I can see it from my sit-and-read chair. I hope I can catch on in the act of plastering up the end. They’ve been flying into several of the tubes. I just can’t get over the fact it’s actually working!

    1. I think you’ll enjoy that. They’re fascinating to watch. I just wish I could take better photos of the little buggers so I’m sort of working on that.

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