On a May Day Day

I don’t need to tell you that this past winter felt interminable. It started early. It went deep. And when it should have ended, by my estimation, it lingered. I can almost count the number of good spring days we’ve had so far on one hand. I’m willing to try anything at this point to make the wet, gray weather stop.

Fortunately, some good folks took on the tasks that will ensure that winter is truly over and we can move into what may be left of spring and on t0 summer.


Bells were jingled, sticks struck together, handkerchiefs waved and the Betty gave me a poppyseed cookie.

May Pole

The May Pole was erected (this is all about fertility, after all) and the revelers manned the ribbons.

Green Man

The Green Man, who I think might have been quite handsome under all that foliage, watched over all.

Winter Witch

And the Winter Witch was dealt with properly…

Witch Burning

…by fire.


Let’s hope that everything was done properly and the bad mojo of winter is bound up for good. Now it’s the Maiden’s turn.

Cherry 2012

I’m taking this as evidence that it’s already starting to work. The cherry tree began blooming the very next day, the latest it ever has. The bees and I are very pleased.

(These cherry blossoms are actually from two year’s ago. Today’s flowers are a sadly meager display)


7 thoughts on “On a May Day Day

    1. I live in the middle of the United States where we are fortunate to have a diverse mix of cultures and folks who know how to work a May pole 😀

  1. I’m amazed to see Morris dancers in the States! But I am all for finding an excuse to party. There seems to be a bearded lady in the first picture, I am not sure where she fits in with the fertility ritual. Amelia

    1. Yes, I’m fortunate to live in a city with a large international university so the cultural milieu ranges far and wide. The bearded lady, the “Betty,” was explaining all the symbolism to an amused Japanese woman behind us while we watched the May Pole dancing. He said he symbolized the union of male and female in one.

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