Another Accommodation and Another Native Bee

In case you were wondering, I did put a new roof on the birdhouse I found with the bumblebee nest remnants inside. I used some of the abundant pieces of cedar left over from last summer’s deck renovation. I cleaned out the old mouse and bee nest material  installed the new roof similarly to the original, though this is thicker wood. Inside I made a sort of hollow nest using some wool.


Stalking around the garden the best place I could find where I could easily keep an eye on it turned out to be a bed in the angle of the house and deck. I nestled it onto the ground and heaped up some leaves around it leaving the opening visible and inviting. Here I can check it as I come and go and, with any luck, notice if a bee goes in or out.


When I placed it, which was actually a few weeks ago I had hoped that the nearby crocus would help entice a bumblebee to move in. It was only this weekend, however, when I spotted my first queen bumblebee of the season. She was visiting the Scilla that blanket the garden and that so many bees are going ga-ga over.

Native Bee

Speaking of which, I managed to snap a picture of another native bee resting on the back of a Helleborus bloom.  So many bees! Spring is truly, finally here.


4 thoughts on “Another Accommodation and Another Native Bee

  1. I’ve read that bumble bees often choose old mice nests to use as their nests, after visiting lovely flowers you would have thought they would have chosen something that smelled better. I hope your nest finds a tenant it would be great to see them coming and going. Amelia

    1. I tried a purpose-built bumblebee nest box with some mouse nest material last year with no luck. I wasn’t surprised since getting bumblebees to nest somewhere is very hit-and-miss. Rusty over at Honey Bee Suite said that since she keeps getting calls about bumblebees in bird houses that she’s started saving nests to bait the boxes. I should have tried that.

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