Finally Working in the Garden!

This afternoon with a nice block of time at my disposal I decided it was time to visit the garden. Naturally, as I left the house it was snowing. Doesn’t even surprise me anymore. Fortunately it was just a brief, dry bout and then it was done. The wind has continued, though.

Garden 4-4-14

When I got to the plot it was looking decidedly better than the last time I shared it. The snow is all gone and the top of the soil has thawed everywhere except under the straw bale I stored on one of the beds.

It was time to start actually gardening, I suppose you could say, though my accomplishments were modest. I started by hauling away the remains of the sunflower border I planted along the main path. Some of the stalks had fallen across the path and were making something of a barrier. I’m going to plant the same kind of barrier this year to discourage uninvited guests but with a shorter variety. Some of last year’s plants exceeded ten feet.

Next I pulled the straw back from my spinach overwintering experiment.

Spinach 1

Green! I actually wasn’t too surprised to see live plants. It took several years of finding surviving spinach plants among the spring crops I was sowing or transplanting to realize I could probably carry a crop over intentionally. Even after the particularly brutal winter we had they seem to be doing just fine.

Spinach 2

The bed where I left two rows of plants looks essentially as it was last fall. I didn’t plan too well so it’s where the onions will need to go in soon. My plan is to transplant the spinach to their correct place in the rotation. They can take it.


Finally, for fun I popped out back just now to get a picture of my first Helleborus to bloom this year. As luck would have it, a dry sleety snow is falling again. Oh, well. It’ll end soon enough and warm up enough for the honeybees to come out and visit the flowers.


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