Beehives Painted!

After hours of skillfully wielding a paintbrush I’m happy to say all the beehive parts I got from the other Mark have been painted. He built them and primed them and then I took over from there.  Starting with leftover paint from the garage—sage green–I purchased a small can each of steel blue and lavender to provide some interest. This weekend, provided the weather cooperates, we’ll be gathering with some children and adults to stencil and paint flowers, bees and who-knows-what on the boxes. The additional artwork and different-colored hives should help the bees keep track of which hive is their home.



2 thoughts on “Beehives Painted!

  1. I have been wanting to paint our hives pretty colours like this but wondering what paint to buy and how to do it safely so that the paint doesn’t affect the bees. Your hive looks gorgeous, what paint did you use?

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Emma! We first applied a latex primer/sealer to the exposed surfaces. This was followed by two coats of regular exterior latex enamel. We tried to do it as early before the bees arrive that we could so the paint would have time to cure. Anything inside the hives that the bees would be in contact with was left as bare, clean wood.

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